This is often the main weakness of beginners. Killing creeps is for sure not as fun as killing champions, yet it is as important.

Watching high elo players’ streams or professional games you must have noticed the amazing farms these players have. You will probably never be on Froggen’s level:

En regardant des streams de joueurs haut élo ou des matchs professionels vous avez bien du remarquer la capacité qu’ont ces joueurs à avoir un énorme farm. Vous n’atteindrez probablement pas le niveau de Froggen:


Froggen knows how to farm! 421 cs in 27 min.

But last hitting is a skill you learn, and that will help you greatly in gaining elo.

The importance of farm

A bit of maths ahead! Let’s start by looking at why last hitting is so important. A kill gives on average 300 golds (though it also gives some other indirect advantages).

A minion (canon minion not included) is worth on average 20 golds (the longer the game lasts the more value they have). That means that being 15 cs ahead on your opponent is equivalent (gold wise) to being 1 kill ahead!

At low elo an average farm for an ADC may be 50 cs at 10min. At high elo it will be more around 85 cs.

Easy to do the maths: 35 *20 = 700g

How to last hit


Therefore, si you become good at last hitting you can win lanes without even killing your opponent!

Learning to last hit is a simple skill to acquire if you focus on it, and it’s probably the best way to slowly climb the solo queue ladder. No need to outplay the opponent when you are one item ahead thanks to your farm!

Train to last hit

If in a game (versus real players) you are ahead of the numbers given in this table (whether you are Top, Mid, or ADC) you are doing a good job!


40 80 130 180

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  1. Michael says:

    I just read all the article, and even though im a pretty decent elo, i found this very helpfull, thank you!

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