The Flame, Scourge of League of Legends

This article is for players with an habit of flaming their opponents and team mates.

A lot of players at lower elo have good mecanics, good knowledge of the game but are inexplicably  blocked at low elo. The type of players who regularly complain that they are too many feeders/trollers/afks in his team. The problem may come from the player himself. A simple rule should remedy this.



Let’s look objectively at all the positive or negative outcomes that can come from this attitude.


-You can unwind by flaming your team mate, well that’s what you actually think. But in reality you will probably leave the lost game frustrated and upset.

-The player you flame decides to step up his game after you flamed him (this never happened).


There are 3 possible reactions to flame.

-Flame war. And here you go, both of you flame and insult each other. The both of you spend more time thinking about your next retort than actually playing the game. You lose the game and none of you enjoyed the game (along with your other team mates). Nobody wins (except your opponents).


-The player you are flaming takes offence in it and decides to troll or go afk. A Renekton 0-3-0 is still more effective than an afk Renekton. You lose the game. You think “well, this troll/afk deserved the lose”. The truth is that very few players are constant trollers/afks. It is probably the combined fact that he was playing poorly and your flame that pushed him over the edge (not that this excuses this player of trolling/going afk).

-The victim of your flame goes on tilt. He already had a bad day, a bad early game and now he is getting insulted in the game he wanted to relax on. He loses all confidence and plays more and more poorly. You made another person miserable and lose the game.

As you can see, objectively there is nothing to win by flaming.


So try to resist your impulses and use some self control. Each bad word you say brings you further to defeat. If you don’t do it for other, do it for your win rate.


As proof that flaming causes you to lose elo there is a mindset suggested by Sky which proved to be effective. It is named DST. The main idea is to consistently support your team mates (for instance Renekton dies lvl 2 vs a soraka you will say “I’m sure she was lucky, keep focus and you will win your lane”). Of course no need to go to this far. This being said when a player makes a mistake and dies, most of the time he realizes his mistake. But he is irritated et won’t take a reproach or even an advice well. In this case a bit of support is the best you can do.

Ocelote, controlling the beast

Ocelote professional player comes back in this video on the day he realized that flaming was counter productive. This day he realized he had been hurtful to a player.



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