How to carry as an ADC


Below are a list of tips and tricks to carry as an ADC.

ADC is a complex role. It requires continous cooperation with another player, that you probably don’t even know. From the early to the mid game, the ADC is relatively weak, before becoming a monster in the late game. But one bad positioning can cost your team the win.

  • As soon as your opponent moves to last hit, auto attack him as he can’t retaliate. You can easily use this trick with champions with high range. It’s for this reason that Caitlyn is one of the best ADC picks against beginners, since she can abuse her range in the early game
  • In most cases you will want to push with the help of your support to get to level 2 before your enemies. You can then harass and/or zone out your opponents with this advantage.
  • It might be worth giving up a few CS if you can harass your enemies and win your lane thanks to this. But you have to be sure that by sacrificing farm you gain more in return (lane control, opponent gets denied from gold/exp, etc).
  • You have to be wary of your opponent’s items and take trades only when you know you can win them. Play defensively if they have an item advantage over you.
  • The bot lane is the only duo lane. In early the support has more impact than the ADC, and it is by working together that you can win your lane. You have to try and communicate as much as possible.
  • If your botlane has sustain ( for example Soraka support and you have bought a vampiric scepter at your first back) and the enemy lane does not have sustain (their support is blitzcrank and their first buy is a pickaxe), do not hesitate to trade (without going all in). You can tire them little by little and force them to go back.
  • In certain cases, it is preferable to focus the support rather than the adc, if you know you can burst him down and the enemy adc has an escape. For example if you play Graves + Blitzcrank vs Ezreal + Sona, it’s often better to grab Sona and kill her as fast as possible.
  • Do not forget to farm ! Even if you are winning your lane, you have to keep concentrating on last hitting. During the mid game and late game as well, you have to keep farming (to maintain CS advantage over the enemy ADC).
  • This is a comment often made at low ELO (ADC, you didn’t focus the one who was fed). Do not acknowledge this. As an ADC, it is better to just hit whoever is closest to you while maintaining maximum distance. Do not run in the middle of the teamfight to try and attack the enemy carries, that’s the goal of your AP carry and/or Jungler/Top.
  • This doesn’t mean that you have to always focus the tanks, if you have a better target to focus that you can attack without being in danger, just go for it!
  • If you are fed, don’t hesitate to ask for your top/jungle (besides your support) to peel for you (keep the enemy bruisers to attack you by stunning/slowing). If you are indeed the most fed player in the game, it is more important to keep you alive than to go kill the enemy carries.
  • Practice orb walking (Hit and run), in between attacks, wait for the auto attack reset to reposition yourself. In lane when you have nothing else to do you can practice against the creeps.
  • When sieging, you are the one who is going to inflict the most damage on the turrets, so you have to focus them down. But be careful not to get caught.
  • It can be a good idea to buy a defensive item when you are ahead and that the rest of your team does quite a bit of damage.
  • If your teammates don’t deal enough damage and your team is behind, you cannot afford to buy a defensive item, otherwise in teamfights your team will not have any damage. The best you can do is position yourself well and pray you can survive. Think of it as a challenge!

These pieces of advice aren’t worth anything if you don’t have the experience to use them, so go practice and good luck on the Summoner’s Rift!

This article is based on the post of tasi99, with some modifications. Thanks to him!

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