Lead your Team to Victory

First of all, it isn’t always necessary to lead. Sometimes it’s better to follow others’ calls than force your owns.


Be a Leader

Leading is not for everyone

Make calls if you are good at it. When you make a call whether it is to dive or do Nashor you must take into account many parameters, and it can be quite complex. To get better at making team decisions you need experience. You will internalize every situation you have faced and will learn from them in order to make better decisions in the future. To speed up the process you can try to think about the game without playing, or watch professional games (keeping in mind that you can’t reproduce everything you see at a professional level to your own level).

Learn to listen to others’ calls, they can be good as well. See this article.


Being listened on calls, a question of authority

It’s not about the one who shouts the loudest. It is a natural authority that builds up throughout the game. Your team mates will listen to your calls if they believe you are capable of taking good decisions. To achieve this you need to win their respect and attention. How to get there:

WIN YOUR LANE. A 5-0 Renekton will always be more listened to than a 0-5 Renekton (fucking Renekton). By winning your lane your team mates will have more confidence in your abilities.

MAKE GOOD CALLS. There is a snowball effect. If you do a first good call at Drake you increase the chances your team mates will listen to your following calls. By consistently making good calls you can have a team following all your calls. Use this power carefully.


Mix authority and diplomacy

When you see that your team is hesitant, or that your team mates argue on what the next objective will be it is a good time to step up and lead the team. This being said, when the majority of the team makes another call than yours it is advised to follow theirs. A bad 5v5 call is always better than a good 1v5 call.

If you do a bad call (which will happen), don’t hesitate to throw a “my bad” instead of trying to justify yourself. I would even go as far as to say that if a call goes wrong because one of your team mates was to slow to follow it you should minimise the failure and take the blame. You will avoid the useless arguments and preserve the morale of your team.


The morale

The morale is incredibly important. Your team can be 3-12 it doesn’t mean anything in low elo solo queue. It’s solo queue after all, the opposite team will eventually throw. It’s also a big part of being a team leader: to keep the team morale high. You must have experienced this at least once, the early games goes awful but the team keeps some cohesion and slowly comes back in the game thanks to good team play. You must also have experienced games where it’s lost in 6 minutes, not because the score is 0-3 (coming back from such a small deficit is doable) but because your team mates are already giving up and calling a surrender at 20. You can try to change that and inspire hope (Braveheart style) to your team. A lot of the times this won’t be enough, not all games are winnable, but it’s always worth a shot.

Outre les calls votre but de leader et de faire en sorte que  même lorsque la game commence mal chacun de vos coéquipiers fasse de son mieux et joue en équipe. Si vous arrivez à insuffler cette positivité au sein de votre équipe vous avez  grandement contribué à améliorer votre chance de victoire.

Other than making calls your goal as a leader is that all your team mates try their best and play as a team. If you bring this positivity in your team you have greatly increased your chances to win the game. Being a leader in game is not really different than in many other sports.


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