TIER LIST SOLOQ – Patch 6.24


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Important :

Our tierlists are for Bronze / Silver / Gold and lower Platinum and revolve around three main axis :

  • Meta champions : currently trending champions which really capture the lane’s current meta. We don’t obviously recommend playing these champions, but rather these are the champions you’ll be likely to come across and which you need to be wary of. Of course, knowing how to play them is a plus.
  • Recommended champions : beyond or as a top up for the current strong champions, there’s a list of champions we’ve selected for you on each lane. Most often easily accessible, if you’re hesitating or you want to play a new champion, this is the list for you.
  • Champions to ban : for each role, if you had to avoid a champion. Either because they’re too strong to be left open or simply to avoid having to come across them, here’s a list of possible champions to discard.

Even if we take into account information such as champions played in LCS and other pro leagues, or even the highest ban / victory rates at the moment, we really like to focus on the reality of solo Q for the leagues concerned and the playability and viability of recommended champions.
Some choices may seem strange to you, but keep in mind that we’re also guiding players who may not be used to a certain role in more forgiving leagues. We hope you’ll appreciate our work and our point of view.

Last but not least, we may update this list according to the evolution of the meta, in case of a temporary update by Riot, according to player / reader feedback or even if we forgot a detail.
If you’re not familiar with League of Legends terminology or certain player expressions we tend to use, don’t hesitate to look them up in our Glossary.

Last updated on 09.10.16

Enjoy !


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Top Lane

Meta Champions: S+ Rank

Poppy is comfortably settled in her top lane role, and even if Courage of the Colossus has been nerfed in this patch, this champion should remain dominant. Still just as hard to get out of her lane, this Yordle can simply wait for the opening allowing her to punish her opponent and get resource demanding equipment which will allow her to steadily power up. During combat, Poppy is a giant tank who will absorb damage for her team and disrupt enemy positionning. Don’t underestimate her!

Darius is back and in better shape than ever, even if he never really left his place in Solo Q. The meta is coming back to its old standards (Jayce and Kennen are losing speed) and tanks, Darius immediately regains his impact. A huge lane bully, he’s back to terrorise his opponents in melee, who aren’t mobile enough and too poor in one on one combat in this meta to really withstand his attacks. Though Courage of the Colossus had started to really consolidate Darius, the nerf in this patch will surely send him back to Strength of the Ages, an extremely effective classic on this Champion.

Yasuo is still as popular as ever on the top late (just as he is in mid lane). And even if  the meta is oriented on takiness in this lane, his arsenal of spells will allow him to keep the pressure on his opponents who often react very poorly to his harassment (in lower ELO) and who often expose themselves, leaving them open for punishment. Globally at ease in all phases or gameplay, he’s capable of extraordinary snwoballing if he’s given the chance. Even without that however, Yasuo should never be underestimated as the game progresses…

Maokai is yet another tank which greatly benefits from Courage of the Colossus, and the nerf on the mastery shouldn’t be drastic enough to exclude the Treant from this trend. Maokai is the epitomy of calm controlled power, difficult to move and who will tank and engage for his team. Maokai is very comfortable at the moment with overpowered and easy to place controls. Knowing how to Z (Twisted Advance) on the right player at the right time is actually enough to be considered a “good” Maokai.

Recommended Champions

Poppy is a solid choice for this top lane, despite the nerf on Courage of the Colossus, it remains very effective on this champion. Technically very simple to play, it remains difficult for the Yordle to leave her lane. She can withstand mostly any champion, she’s easy to equip and her combo damage is always surprisingly high. Her passive (Iron Ambassador) allows her to retain some farm if she gets zoned or can be an effective poke if she wants to keep the pressure on. Poppy is played with 12/0/18 to take full advantage of Intrepid and Courage of the Colossus masteries which really reinforce her strong points. Her tanky build can be centered around the Sunfire Cape, the Iceborn Gauntlets and generally a Spirit Visage. Her role will be to maintain her position before tanking for her team, to block enemy carries during combat or to eliminate immediate threats in the enemy lane with her R (Keeper’s Verdict). Poppy isn’t a playmaker, but she’s extemely solid.

Nautilus is back, and if you appreciate tanks, then he’s always a top pick.  Nautilu’s playstyle changes very little, even though he somewhat lacks in damage, he greatly makes up for it in lane control, particularly thanks to his E (Replica). Nautilus is difficult to kill because his spell arsenal really gives him a lot of flexibilty. But he will often need to wait for his jungler to take or create a kill opportunity on his opponents which will then have great difficulty escaping the many controls the Titan has at his disposal. Nautilus will often take a Zz’Rot Portal to deny access to his tower, while slowly but surely reversing the rhythm of creep waves towards enemy towers. Nautilus takes a 12/0/18 built around new masteries of the Resolve tree which will reinforce his strong points further. Unless you prefer the Meditation and Bandit masteries which allow him to survive difficult early games more easily if you’re not familiar with this champion. Equipment-wise, go for a Zz’Rot Portal, a Sunfire Cape, Iceborn Gauntlets or a Locket of the Iron Solari.

Trundle is always on the menu when tanks are resurfacing, and from Poppy to Maokai, through Malphite and Nautilus, the king of trolls will have plenty to take care of. Technically very simple, this champion benefits from an excellent lane holding capacity. Content yourself to auto-attack + Q (Chomp) + auto-attack when your opponent exposes themselves to the combo, before retreating to take advantage of your passive regen (King’s Tribute) to profit from the exchanges in the long run. If your opponent lets themselves lose health, it’ll be time to block them with an E (Pillar of Ice) and to keep up the attack. Getting a Tiamat as your first item is highly recommended, then the choice between the Ravenous Hydra or the Titanic Hydra will be made according to your preferred play style. Later on, after your level 6 and the unlocking your R (Subjugation) will allow you to destroy the enemy tank in your lane and during team fights. Trundle is always played with a  12/0/18 to ensure his domination in front of other tanks, and he’s generally equipped with a Bruiser capable of doing a split-push or to join his team for map control. Don’t hesitate to try out the Blade of the Ruined King sometime, even if we prefer an upgrade of the Tiamat (and going for both may be somewhat overkill).

Recommended Bans

is simply too cumbersome to deal with since 6.22 and the arrival of Courage of the Colossus which allows her to be even more solid when controlling combat, even with the nerf. It’s really not wasted to ban this hero.

Darius again and always. It’s just too easy for him to toss around so many champions right from the early game.

is a good call for a security ban even if he’s technically a very demanding hero and even if the tank meta is confirming itself, you can easily have a teammate get abused by his high mobility and his early game burst. A good Yasuo is generally a hero you don’t want to have on the enemy team. Just don’t take that risk.



Meta Champions: S+ Rank

Hecarim was already popular in season 6, and in this beginning of season 7 suits him to perfection. Between the new jungle and the Courage of the Colossus, Heca will have an easier early game all while benefiting from an augmented gank and engagement power. Hecarim can hold his jungle perfectly well, terorrises lanes and can snowball an entire game.

Lee Sin can really give a game its rhythm. The new jungle allows her to stay high on HP while taking care of the camps one after another (except for corbins until he can get some equipment) and can pull ganks off,  and this monk ganks hard (damage, mobility…). Relatively short and dynamic games let him be more of an AD style champion (in soloQ) and tend to cover for how tired out he can get in the end game.

Shyvana came back with a bang since her mini remake in the last patch. Simple to play, she’s blessed with great comfort in the jungle where she can easily level up rapidly before becoming a real danger to enemy laners and accelerate the game with her edge obtained through jungling.

Kha’zix has become an must for jungling in this pre-season. Kha’zix can control his jungle really well and though he’s less frustrating for the targets he’ll surprise, he didn’t lose any of his deadly effectiveness. Since his overhaul, the insect is somewhat less powerful at full power (level 6) compared to before and now needs to reach level 11 to regain or even surpass the power he used to bring to the battlefield.

Recommended Champions

Shyvana really gained in efficiency with her last remake in the previous patch, it’s a champion which will give great joy to beginner junglers as well as more experienced ones. Shyvana can easily navigate and control the jungle, with the W (Burnout) which offers her am absurdly high cleanup and movement speed through any camp (Corbins and Krugs included). His new E (Flame Breath) is not to be taken lightly, and the only “combo” to apply is an Q (Twin Bite) on an enemy previously marked by your E (Flame Breath), ideally with your W (Burnout) active in order to maximise and stack bonuses. Two styles of masteries can be applied here: the classical 18/12/0 which we recommend and ensures that you’ll get very high damage very fast, or a 0/18/12 which will allow you to really stay stuck to your target and control your jungle even better. As far as equipment goes, go for attack speed and area of effect attacks (Enchantment: Bloodrazor, Blade of the Ruined King, Frozen Mallet, Titanic Hydra… ) in order to really get the best out of your Q (double bite), to be completed with a little tankiness as needed (Spirit Visage, Dead Man’s Plate…).

Vi is a formidable ganker, with her powerful Q (Vault Breaker) which will consume a flash at her first top lane or mid lane gang (sometimes both), taking the hit can often be synonymous with surrendering the kill. To be completely effective with Vi, you need to learn to take advantage of her W (Denting Blows) to rapidly inflict massive amounts of damage while benefitting from its effects, but also to really place your Vault Breaker properly to push the enemy towards your allies. Once the R (Assault & Batery) is unlocked, it can often guarantee kills in the laning phase, or allows her to seek out an enemy carry during fights (all while creating chaose in your path). Vi gains in engagement power with a 12/0/18 which allows her to take the enemy reaction with the shielf from Courage of the Colossus. Unless you prefer the more all in version with a Thunderlord’s Decree. Favour AD equipment that you can orient towards bruiser style as the game develops if need be. Although the Trinity Force remains extremely popular and effective on this champion, don’t hesitate to try out The Black Cleaver if the enemy team is beefed up on armour.

Rek’sai is a jungler to consider if your team needs a tank or control, because this predator has regained some of her largely lost efficiency at the end of season 6. She’s perfectly adept for this new jungle and Courage of the Colossus really does reinforce her. With a well placed tunnel network, Rek’sai can rush from camp to camp before ganking in lane then in another. The basics of the champions gameplay can be mastered after a few games, then you’ll just need to get familiar with the ranger of her W (Un-burrow) and to learn to master the attacks during combat (which requires more time on this champion). Though she is generally set up as a tank with a 12/0/18,  it’s highly recommended to rapidly get a Tiamat and turn it into a Titanit Hyrdra. It can be perfectly complemented by a Cinderhulk and will really boost your lane control and make your ganks a lot more dangerous. Then you will be able to focus on your durability.

Recommended Bans

Hecarim is very strong at the moment in addition to being technically simple to play. Huge ganks, good damage, mobility, capacity to snowball and to engage… it’s undoubtedly *the* jungler to ban from the selection.

Rengar must now wait a little before completely wrapping the game up (nerfed collar), but he remains extremely powerful as soon as he’s a little over-fed. The lengend says, he always ends up being a little over-fed… Very powerful and very popular since his update, it’s probably a good call to ban him.

Mid Lane

Meta Champions: S+ Rank

Orianna continues to gain power in this meta which suits her to perfection. With her strong lane capabilities she can adapt to her opponent, Oriana can inflict huge area of effect damage while controlling team fights. She can also often be the force that turns the tide of a fight or even a game if she uses her R (Shockwave) properly as it’s so powerful when it traps several enemies in it’s effects.

Viktor is relatively at home in this lane versus most champions, and he can take advantage of his range and his arsenal of spells to progress quietly until he can shred his opponents (who will have great difficulty facing up to him after he’s obtained his first few items) with a combo . Note that the nerf on Rylai’s Crystal Scepter will obviously have an impact on Viktor, but the usefulness of the item should still justify its presence in his inventory.

LeBlanc needed some time for her fans to prove her effectiveness after her update in 6.22, time for players to get used to her new capabilities and the new possibilities offered up by her update. Even if it has been reduced in this patch, her passive ability gives her excellent lane command. However to counterbalance this, she gains some direct damage, becoming even more of a threat to enemy champions in the range of her burst. Once unlocked, her R (Mimic) allows her to manipulate her enemies from one lane to the other, and this is what makes her so hard to go up against when she’s well played.

Recommended Champions

Ahri remains more or less stable and solid in every meta, adapting to her enemies and the game dynamics without suffering to much from (excessively) poor matchups. She can ensure a good farm relatively easily with her Q (Essence Theft) all while harassing her opponent, which she will be able to burst on with a combo if her E (Fox-Fire) reaches its mark. Her level 6 offers her useful surplus damage and mobility, allowing her to reposition herself during combat all while putting enemies within range under pressure. Excellent lane control, a great capability to shift, and an ever effective snowball: those are the things that make Ahri a recommended champion for this lane. She’s played around a Thunderlord’s Decree with a classical 12/18/0 build and equips herself with a  Morellonomicon before orienting herself towards a build which really brings out her burst and mobility (Abyssal Scepter, Luden’s Echo…).

Brand has very high base damage, and good lane control capacity once you get used to him. While your W (Sear) allows you to control creep waves while orienting your opponent’s positionning, Brand will be able to punish his opponent as soon as he can fire off his Q (Blaze) just before activating his E (Conflagration). Once your target is stunned, take the opportunity to apply a maximum of Falme effects to maximise your damage. Simply repeat the process while keeping a secure position and you’ll easily keep your opponent under pressure. During team fughts, a simple R (Pyroclasm) and its rebounds often suffice to spread chaos in lower ELOs (while remaining very effective in higher divisions). Brand is played with a 18/12/0 build and takes a Rylai (to simplify the stunning effects) and magical penetration (Liandry, Void Staff…).

Malzahar has remained effective in the end despite a nerf/remake of his W (Void Swarm). The spell is not as fast and automatic, but you quickly get used to its application and finally Malzahar is quite bothersome to go up against when he’s played properly. If you liked the champion, it’s time to dust him off and bring him back into battle to get used to these new Swarms. If you’re not familiar with this champion, you’ll need a few extra games to really understand his early games (his lane control is quite peculiar until your first purchases) and to learn to master your attacks. Level up your E (Malefic Visions) and attack your opponent when the vision is transferred onto them, unless you apply it directly onto them if they get too close. Once your R (Nether Grasp) is unlocked, this spell can mean kill strikes. Don’t hesitate to invite your jungler for ganks when the spell is ready in order to augment your kill capacity. Malhazar is played with a 18/12/0 build and takes a Morellonomicon as a primary object for this champion, Rylai’s should also keep a choice spot in this champions iventory, despite its nerf, since its slow makes Void Swarm very potent.

Recommended Bans

isn’t in this list but she’s got a very real impact (often psychologically) on her opponents, and her snowball is terrifying. It’s not uncalled for to give her a nice little ban.

should only really be banned if you’re scared of coming across technically creative, good players. Lower lanes aren’t concerned, unless you’re particularly scared of this champion.

AD Carry

Meta Champions: S+ Rank

Vayne got his bonus damage reduced in this patch, and this will obviously delay his power peak (which came too early with a Critical Strike build). But the champion will still remain attached to her critical strike equipment (Statikk Shiv, Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer…), which are very effective in the current meta. Her R (Final Hour) going from a camouflage bonus to complete invisibility makes her much more difficult to deal with during combats where she can easily kill most of her opponents in a few hits.

Twitch has also been diminished in this patch (Venom damage reduced, and augmented mana cost for Venom Cask). Twitch can surprise or shift more easily than previously if he pays attention to the enemies around him. The rat can play on his camouflage to run around his ennemies and position himself for surprise attacks and apply maximum burst damage. This is even more accurate when his R (Spray and Pray) is unlocked.

Jhin can deal out colossal damage while remaining useful to his team early game with his range and control. The Virtuoso still needs a team to protect him to be fully effective and allow him to link up the immobilisation power of his W (Deadly Flourish). With a proper team or if he’s well played he’s a force to be reckoned with, he compensates for his lack of mobility with kiting mechanics and can join fights from far off with his spells and inflict enormous damage.

Recommended Champions

Jinx has a simplified farm with her Q (Flip Flap!) in the form of a minigun, and can punish exposed opponents with her rocket launcher form or with her Q (Zap!) if they get too close. For the rest, Jinx is quite simple to control and lives for the late-game. It’s really in mid-late game that her passive (Get Excited!) will really shine, destroying target after target if she’s allowed access to them, including buildings. Keep in mind this champion has absolutely no mobility, and she needs to be protected in order to be effective. She needs a good support. Jinx takes a  18/12/0 build (or with Fervor of Battle, whichever you prefer). She generally needs a B. F. Sword as her first item, then a Runaan’s Hurricane before completing an Infinity Edge, all of this to minimise wait times between her peaks in power. For the rest, she’s an oldschool ADC: Bloodthirster, Rapid Firecanon, Lord Dominik’s Regards…


Caitlyn can be a serious thorn in Vayne, Twitch’s or many other ranged champion’s sides when she’s played properly, and it’s worth knowing how to play her just for that. Her ranged and her headshot mechanics make her quite cumbersome to go up against in the early game, and even if she gets somewhat underpowered in mid game, this dive can be easily absorbed if Caitlyn is sufficiently in advance over other champions. Get used to her (90 Caliber Net) which can be used in a reverse form of usual flight spells. Learn to place traps properly: zone and know how to take advantage of the headshot bonus on a trapped opponent, that’s generally the difference between a good and a bad Caitlyn. The sherif is played with a classical 18/12/0 build and is classically equipped: B.F. Sword, Runaan’s Hurricane before getting and Infinity Edge and completing all of the classics: Rapid Firecanon, Bloodthirster, Lord Dominik’s Regards and others…

Recommended Bans

is undoubtedly *the* ADC to ban from the possible choice list.



Meta Champions: S+ Rank

Blitzcrank is one of the most feared supports despite a laning phase which can rapidly become very harsh. He remains fierce and feared, especially in the lower leagues where all of his hooks generally find their target (too many players get hooked in lower ELO!). The Golem can condemn his victims if he can manage his aggressions well enough (and lands his hooks), he has a very useful peel with his E (Power Fist). Blitz remains a support with a potential to really crash in the laning phase, but he can really be a game maker in the end game with any hook he lands.

Zyra uses her capacity to immobilise ennemies to inflict huge famage on them to zone and control the bottom lane. Be careful of her thorns which can make last hitting difficult for your ADC, or of enemy duos which can go all in on her, because Zyra remains quite fragile. Once her R (Stranglethorns) is unlocked, Zyra can shred an enemy team or help to rapidly secure an objective like a Dragon or a Baron.

Recommended Champions

Janna is never really out in any meta, definitely not in Solo Q, and definitely not when assassins are there. On her lane, Janna ensures protection for her ranged partner and really disturbs the enemy duo with her pokes and controls. When team fights come into play, her pokes keep disturbing enemy ranks and her R (Monsoon) allows her to push back a harsher engagement, all while protecting her teammates. Janna controls space to keep her allies in safe territory. You’ll probably need 20 or 30 games before being completely at ease with your role and your tools, because Janna needs to take care of her allies as much as she takes care of her ennemies. Her 0/18/12 build makes her shields even more effective, and this support will get the best out of new objects like the Redemption which she can couple with her Ardent Censer (however the Sightstone and Ruby Sightstone must remain her priority!).

Morgana is a support who can counter agressions from Thresh or Leona among others with a Blitz using her E (Black Shield). She can also bring good damage with her Q (Dark Binding) and her W (Tormented Soil) which allow her to really bring out the potential in Spellthief’s Edge. Generally built around an 0/18/12 in order to maximise the pressure she can put on opponents with her Q and her W, you can try to get the best out of your Spellthief’s Edge by spamming your W (watch out for your mana!), or patiently wait until you link up your Dark Binding to maximise damage output. The damage Morgana deals meld very well with an AD style equipment and allows her to really spread chaos in enemy ranks with her R (Soul Shackles), a spell which can easily justify getting Zhonya’s Hourglass. Also note that the newer Redemption can be quite tempting to any Morgana player, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see it reinforce her support role (through her Black Shield) with this kind of item.

Leona is without a doubt the support to pick if you prefer tanky play and would like to take on the engagement role for your team. The champion is easy to understand and play after just a few games. She’s naturally quite resistant with her W (Eclipse), which will usually take your third spell place (level 3 only) which you will then max out later on. As for the rest, it’s all about punishing bad enemy positionning with your E (Zenith Blade) followed by a Q (Shield of Daybreak). unless your openent is really neglecting you in which case you can invert the spellcasting order. This applies even more when facing relatively static champions such as Jhin, Twitch, Miss Fortune… who will need to use their flash to make up for their mistake. Once you’re level 6 and you have your R (Solar Flare) unlocked, you’ll gain tremendously in engagement strength. Leona is best played with a  0/12/18 build and belongs to the group of supports who can really take advantage of Strength of the Colossus. As far as equipment is concerned, unsurprisingly you’ll need tanking items after having obtained a Sightstone. Leona will also take advantage of the new Knight’s Vow.

Recommended Bans

pcan too easily destroy an aloof ADC or support in lower ELO, and can snowball his lan (and the game) for his team. It’s undoubtedly the safest choice for this position. The piority of this ban can be shifter to Zyra when you go up in ELO, before completely disappearing. In the meantime, Blitz is the man to ban.

is really annoying to face up against in lane and can be a big threat, with her high AP despite having a support role. If you see her flourish in your recent games, banning her is quite legitimate.


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